Pantalone Pant 1 Opera Campi XS Verde Autunno


Among world's last trousers made of pure and fine European Hemp.
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The ultimate Hemp Pant. Made in Italy with the last available European yarns of our precious "La Canapa". Through its regular tailored fit, the pant looks elegant while can be used for any activity and in any season. In fact, the magical properties of the fabric make this pant extremely thermo-regulating, durable, resistant, humidity-proof and become softer and softer over time. The iconic "curved" pockets give to this pant original details. The inner rubberised waist makes it great to fit well even with an underneath shirt.

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Hemp is naturally anti-microbial and anti-odor.


This product has been thought to be worn forever.

yarn dyed

Durable and vibrant color thanks to an expensive, luxury-grade dyeing following strict ecological standards.

inspired to the twenties
our s-shaped pocket

The S-SHAPED pocket is an original Opera Campi design. It doesn't just look better. It also fits better your hand.


Our most traditional Hemp Fabric. We source world's best plants and make the softest and most durable Hemp fabrics.

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The quality of a good Hemp Fabric starts from the most fertile fields and the best seeds of Hemp.


A secret recipe by Opera Campi produces a soft, natural and thin yarn, ready to be dyed with our custom colors.


The final fabric is what we call "La Canapa" (in italian "the Hemp"): extremely durable, antibacterial, thermo-regulating, sustainable (hemp doesn't require much water and no pesticides), humidity-proof and unexpectedly soft.


This product will come inside our premium envelope, made from compostable plastic. It will be easily trashed into organic waste.

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