H-PANT h-pant Opera Campi XXXS Grafite Short


Tailored fine pant made of the futuristic Fabric "Herotex", great for any occasion and with unique brass details.
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Disruptive Bio-Tech Pant made of our Futuristic, Revolutionary and Exclusive fabric "HEROTEX", the first stretchy Hemp in the world.

  • Record breaking breathability
  • Natural thermo-regulating property
  • Super comfy, patented stretchy Hemp Fabric
  • 99,99% anti-bacterial and anti-odour: you don't need to wash the garment so frequently
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The sustainable pant with the clean cut you were searching for.


Hemp is naturally anti-microbial and anti-odor.

record breathability

Proven record thermo-regulation for all seasons, you will never feel cold or sweaty.


Patented technology to make the fabric comfy and anti-iron.

H-PANT gallery from our real life stories

The Rock Brass Button

An exclusive piece by Opera Campi Metal Laboratories. A simple button, graphite-coated and engraved with Herotex fine logo. Thanks to the patented screw system, the Rock Brass button can be used again and again, making it a truly timeless choice.

"Manical" Fit

We are extremely focused on a regular, clean and modern H-PANT design. The pant simply looks great, its semplicity is the key for a perfect regular fit.


Since we take care of little details, any seam isn't neglected, keeping the pant a masterpiece of craftmanship and technology, thanks to our Herotex Exclusive Fabric.

World's first record-breaking stretchy Hemp natural fabric.



This product will come inside our premium envelope, made from compostable plastic. It will be easily trashed into organic waste.

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