Our Warmest Invention. Made of a special blend of our Premium Hemp and Australian Merino Wool.
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100% Lanapa

34% Premium Hemp, 66% Australian Merino Wool Extrafine

Made in Italy

Made in Italy, Emilia Romagna, Toscana and Lombardia.


Introducing the first Sweater made of "Lanapa".

Lanapa is our newest Fabric, a luxurious blend of the finest Merino's Wool by Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia and our original softest Hemp.

It features an elegant and sharp look made by our expertised artisans in Emilia Romagna, Italy.

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Delicate hand wash.


This product has been thought to be worn forever.


Good for the coldest season. Superior thermo-regulation.

yarn dyed

Durable and vibrant color thanks to an expensive, luxury-grade dyeing following strict ecological standards.

Opera Campi colorFeature_lanapablulago
Color inspired by the dark tones of blue from our Lago Santo Parmense, in the Northern Italian Appennino.
Color Inspired by Blu Lago Santo
Photo by Opera Campi - Lago Santo Parma
Opera Campi colorFeature_lanapaverdemuschio
This picture represents a kind of Moss easy to find in our Appenninos, in northern Italy, more precisely in Bosco di Corniglio. We got inspired by its green and the irregular dark and light tones.
Color Inspired by Verde Muschio
Opera Campi magliaia
This product comes from the Opera Campi exclusive Knitting Laboratory. With years of experience in knitting Hemp, they craft products you cannot find elsewhere.
We craft our products after we receive the order in few working days. This philosophy guarantees the latest version of the product while reducing stock obsolescence and overall waste.
Knitted by Giuliana & Francesca


Never feel cold, never feel warm, just feel fine.

Lanapa is just a new step into what we call "Natural Futurism", where technology meets nature and improves our lives.

Merino Wool and Hemp are among the most insulating natural fibres. Their combination provides and unparalleled natural wellness in any temperature.

100% lanapa

Lanapa is our proprietary fabric. It's made 66% of Fine Merino Wool, spinned by Zegna Baruffa, an historical italian spinning company. While 34% is made of our premium Hemp.

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