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Cornigliese Sofa Plaid

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A warm, robust Cornigliese Cloth, made of our exclusive and autochthonous Cornigliese Sheep wool. It lasts a lot thanks to a thickness of about 31 micron and it doesn't produce pilling. Thanks to its yarn-dyeing it beautifully matches any modern and vintage home. Hand-knitted in Parma with a creative chequered knitting, inspired by our grandmothers.
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Exclusive wool made from endangered authocthonous Cornigliese breed.

water washable

Strong and durable wool like long time ago, that can be washed with water.

yarn dyed

Colors are dyed yarn by yarn with our premium colrs following a strict biological process.

This product is 100% made of Lana Cornigliese, our exclusive wool of the endangered and authoctonous breed. We sheared the sheeps last September 2016, and the greasy wool requested 9 months to be processed and spinned. The products are made by our knitter with skilled craftmanship.

The Cornigliese Wool has been dyed respecting the most strict ecological standards. It has also been treated and softened to make it resistant to water washes. However, it remains a greasy, untreated and extremely pure wool.

wool like long time ago

This picture is the purest form of our authocthonous wool. Just fresh cut, washed and "combed" by our majestic suppliers.


This product will come inside our premium envelope, made from compostable plastic. It will be easily trashed into organic waste.

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