Disruptive Bio-Tech Jacket made of our Futuristic, Revolutionary and Exclusive fabric "HEROTEX", the first stretchy Hemp in the world.

  • Record breaking breathability;
  • Natural thermo-regulating property;
  • Super comfy, patented stretchy Hemp Fabric;
  • 99,99% Anti-bacterial and Anti-Odour: you don't need to wash the garment so frequently.

Pre-order the jacket at special introductory price, receive it in March 2020.

This product has been financed on Kickstarter.com

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Hemp is naturally anti-microbial and anti-odor.

record breathability

Proven record thermo-regulation for all seasons, you will never feel cold or sweaty.


Patented technology to make the fabric comfy and anti-iron.

It’s sustainable, stretchy, comfy,

with record-breaking properties.

It's Futuristic.

It's our new fabric, Patented and Exclusive.

record breathability

You will never feel sweaty. Thanks to a record 2165 g / (m2 x 24 hours) it's the world's most breathable and moisture-wicking natural fabric.

supreme elasticity

It's the world's first stretchy Hemp. Obtained from a patented special yarn composed 92% by Hemp, 4% Lycra and 4% Polyester T400. It also has amazing tensile strength, durability results.

no odors & bacterias

Its 92% record Hemp composition (for a stretchy fabric) keeps the garments anti-odour and anti-bacterial. You really don't need to do frequent washes.

maximum thermo-regulation

When you touch Hemp for the first time, it's normal it "feels" cold. It's the confirm of its thermo-regulation, insulating property, tested by "LART" laboratory from Carpi. 

H-EMP simply absorbs body temperature, so it reinforces body's natural ability to auto-regulate heat.

What happens when it's too hot? You sweat. But thanks to the moisture-wicking property H-EMP quickly releases humidity and sweat out of the fabric. That's why you feel just fine among a large range of temperatures.

The good compromise

While totally natural solutions are not durable and increase consumerism, Herotex represents the perfect compromise. It's proactive against the climate change thanks to its 92% Hemp composition, but its 8% polyester-sourced composition helps in making the fabric more durable and performant, while not destroying the plastic industry where yet too many people work.

a video of our kickstarter campaign

HEROTEX is a strong innovation that needed a Kickstarter campaign in order to be financed. Take a watch at our gorgeous presentation.


This product will come inside our premium envelope, made from compostable plastic. It will be easily trashed into organic waste.

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