Maglioncino FX Notte

The Elegant, Lightest Hemp Sweater. Made with the 100% natural "Flexible Hemp".
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Maglioncino FX Notte
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100% La Canapa

100% Fine Hemp by Opera Campi

Made in Italy

Made in Italy, Emilia Romagna, Toscana and Lombardia.

This is a little improvement of our original and record-seller "Maglioncino".  Same cut, same fit. But a new experiment: suggested by the suffix "FX".

FX means "Flexible", because the yarns that compose this Maglioncino are knitted in a new, creative way. Yarns are twisted following a larger trajectory and clashing each other. This creates a special, natural stretchy effect. 

The Maglioncino so becomes a lot smoother and softer, and more elastic.

Wash inside out at 30° C. Wash with similar colours. Choose the lowest spin speed. Hang dry. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry.


Hemp is naturally anti-microbial and anti-odor.

all seasons

Magical thermo-regulating property thanks to hemp and knit combination.

yarn dyed

Durable and vibrant color thanks to an expensive, luxury-grade dyeing following strict ecological standards.

Opera Campi colorFeature_notte
We have been in Atacama Desert, South America, to admire the best night skies in the world. Its dark, blue night, shined by the brightest stars inspired our Blu Notte.
Color Inspired by the Atacama Blue Night
Photo by Opera Campi - Atacama Desert
Opera Campi magliaia
This product comes from the Opera Campi exclusive Knitting Laboratory. With years of experience in knitting Hemp, they craft products you cannot find elsewhere.
We craft our products after we receive the order in few working days. This philosophy guarantees the latest version of the product while reducing stock obsolescence and overall waste.
Knitted by Giuliana & Francesca

"notte estiva"

Our new colour is inspired to the darkest nights, with the brightest moon.


Yarns are twisted at microscopical level in a a new creative way, making them clashing each other. This creates an extraordinary bright color and a dry but extremely smooth texture. 

You will notice the smoothness by simply slithering your finger on the surface of the fabric. 


opera campi hemp knitwear

Making 100% Hemp sweaters is a complicated process that requires time and expertise big industries can't afford.


Our sweaters are magical: they initially feels "dry", but after few days and washes they become softer, softer, and even softer.

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