Fabulous South American places where the H-JACKET has been tested

Salar de Uyuni, wearing the H-JACKET

The last Opera Campi’s product is something many people defined “Futuristic”. There’s actually an ongoing Kickstarter campaign.

The H-JACKET shown in the pictures in this post is not definitive and has lots of differences with the final product shown in the Kickstarter campaign.

It might be interesting, however, where this futuristic jacket has been tested. I’ve been very lucky I was able to wear one of the first prototypes of the “H-JACKET” during my trip in South America, back in April 2019.

The itinerary was extremely intense, even if we had two weeks we passed through three countries:

  • Perù (Lima, Machu Picchu, Cuzco)
  • Bolivia (Titicaca Lake, Copacabana, Isla del Sol, Salar de Uyuni, Deserto de Silioli)
  • Chile (San Pedro de Atacama)

April 2019 was a key month for the development of the new products, so it was very inspiring to catch any detail from the trip.

PS: forgive me I am not a model.

After a short time in Lima (capital of Peru), we arrived in Cuzco, 3000 meters high.

Around Cuzco, historic capital of the Inca Empire
Despite its incredible history, Cuzco, the capital of Inca Empire, is unfortunately very crowded.
Landscape just out Cuzco, at 3000 meters high
Having a quad tour around Cuzco mountains was a must experience.
Wearing the H-JACKET prototype on Quad private tour
Salineras de Maras, few hours drive from Cuzco
We passed through Cuzco in order to take on the Inca Trail: one day, 17 km walk to arrive on the MACHU PICCHU.
Inca Trail

It took 17 km and any kind of weather to reach the Sun Gate to see the Machu Picchu.

Road to Bolivia with the H-JACKET
There were some roads where you felt they would have brought you to a magic place.
Bolivian road close to Uyuni
Imagine now a place where there’s just pure white. The purest place ever, and that’s not antarctica.
Salar de Uyuni
Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt desert. You can get disoriented in it. It’s immense. It’s huge. It’s pure white… Almost pure white.
In the middle of nowhere, there’s an island called “Incahuasi” where you unexpectedly find 12 meters high giant cactuses. The island still has inexplicable origin made of volcanic, fossils and marine rocks.
Don’t try this at home.
At the end of the day, magic doesn’t end. The combination of salt, water and sunset creates the most incredible show I’ve ever seen.
Pause needed after the adventure
What could we see of gorgeous after this?
Road to Sol de Manana Geysers, this was snow (not salt) on the Siloli Desert, 5000 meters high
Bolivian geysers are incredible free and dangerous
Sunset on the SILOLI desert, -14° C
Sky over Siloli Desert
H-JACKET camouflaged
While heading to CHILE, the typical tour around Bolivian and Chilean Lagunas

We left Bolivia, the most beautiful country of the trip, for Chile. Chile shares some characteristics with Peru: very touristic but easier to drive. Bolivia gave us a whole different sense of freedom.

We stayed 3 days in San Pedro de Atacama: the driest place on earth.
Vale de la Luna Salt and Rocks scenery
Vale de la Muerte
Chilean Roads justified H-JACKET hidden “John Wayne” look
Geyser del Tatio in Chile
Vicuna’s are among the rarest animals on earth, and they even have the most expensive wool, mainly used by Loro Piana

One day, maybe, we will be use Vicunas wool for Opera Campi: that’s our next dream.

Typical Chilean landscape: Vicunas, mountains, snow and Andean Steppe
Towards the sunset, incredible shades on Vale de La Muerte Rocks
Many astronomers are based in San Pedro the Atacama for its dry sky and the presence of Alma Observatory
Road to Lagunas Escondidas
You could swim here, with three times the salt of Dead Sea, you don’t need to be able to swim.
H-JACKET was something like complementary to any scenery where we have been. Its minimal style and smooth fabric with record breaking features made the garment perfect for the high temperatures variation.

Get the H-JACKET or the H-PANT now on Kickstarter

Thanks Beatrice Corazza for the pictures, here she’s wearing the Opera Campi’s Maglioncino

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