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Just the Best Hemp ever made with no compromises.

the real hemp

We aim to develop the world's best hemp. The process starts from the most fertile hemp fields, it ends in Italy, between Milan and Tuscany.

We developed special recipes to make the softest and most sustainable hemp ever.

Comparing to other brands, our fabrics have the highest Hemp composition, with over 95% Hemp on average.

one fibre, different fabrics

Since 2017 we introduced different versions of "La Canapa", any fabric is more than 95% Hemp. Swipe below to discover.


Our holy shroud. 100% Pure, Undyed Hemp. The finest Yarns, from field to fabric.


Our lightest Hemp fabric ever made, with a buttery-soft touch. Learn more here.

la canapa europea

The finest quality of Hemp, today impossible to find. We are still preserving precious French Hemp from 2018.


Hemp Knitwear is our excellence, in which we developed our most unique skills.

century hemp

We are among the largest collectors of century-old hemp bed linens and clothes, recovered from abandoned basements.

the process

hemp straw

After being grown and cut, hemp is macerated in water to extract the fibre: the starting point for the next stage.

the blonde hair

Hemp fibres are scraped and combed to obtain a blonde filament that will be fed to the spinning process.

ready for craftsmanship

The hair is combed, spinned, treated, ready for our laboratories. Here's the spool of fresh Hemp.

the final beauty

The yarns are woven or knitted, depending on the final product we want to realize.

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