The future of fashion is Italian and Hemp-based

something never seen before

We develop luxury, bio-tech fabrics from the finest Hemp plants, pursuing the goal to write the future of fashion.

We craft and design valuable garments in our hometown, Parma, in Italy. Each piece is thought to optimise the advanced properties of our fabrics.

A small project from parma that aims to make a big change

Alberto Ziveri and his team founded Opera Campi in 2017.

In three years we introduced patented innovations and sold garments to any angle of the world.

fabric first

⚠️ Most brands focus on designing garments, they buy fabrics from companies that sell fabrics, we act differently.

💡 We invent and design our own fabrics, exclusively developed in Italy across Prato, Parma and Milan.

✊🏻 Apart from developing our own technologies, this has another advantage: we support the fragile italian craftsmanship and textile system, that desperately needs new ideas.

our laboratory

Selected artisans grew with us in developing advanced skills to craft world's best Hemp products.

Their valuable work is always paid immediately and over the average. An adequate pay is crucial to guarantee the maximum quality.

On average, we pay three times the hourly minimum Italian salary.

our little secrets

Despite we're still an ant among a market of lions, our radical innovations are the key to revolutionise an entire sector.

Swipe below to discover few different reasons why our philosophy is future-proof.

made in italy

Our land fuels our inspiration. Italy, the place of manufacture where our artisans and tailors craft the Opera.

homemade details

Watch how we devote our attention to the finest details. From the trousers button, to the zipper, everything makes our products durable and high-quality.

Each detail is designed by our favourite Italian artisans, enhancing the beauty and value of your garment.


We promote the concept "from seed to wardrobe".

We control the entire process, from the plant to the delivery to our customers.

Any useless step is cut. Prices are more honest, you pay just for the product and not for the transaction costs.


In this picture on the left Alberto Ziveri was developing this website page.

Our small team has 360° skills: web design, photography, video making, FX, fashion design.

This makes Opera Campi a special brand with a very strict philosophy and design.

our team

Swipe through the people behind all the work.


She's the Opera Campi angel, she helps in everything and she takes care of shipments. She's also the nicest person in the team.

alberto ziveri

Born in 1994 and raised with Parma Ham and Technology. He founded Opera Campi in 2017 and he takes care of everything: products, ideas, photography, videos, he even write the code behind this website.


Operations collaborator, Marketing specialist and supplier scout.


The person who made Opera Campi possible. She is our pattern-maker and takes care of prototyping and production.


Fabrizio is our all-rounder man. From studying new details in our products to simply organising the production.

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