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Our classic collection since 2018. Modern garments made of the purest Hemp.
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Ladies Shorts

100% Woven Hemp

Sartorial Lady shorts for the summer, made of our robust 100% Hemp fabric


Maglietta Logo

100% Butter Hemp

Our softest and lightest logo t-shirt printed with sustainable water ink.



100% Woven Hemp

The fresh but robust 100% Hemp Shorts.



100% Woven Hemp

The oversize minimal farmer's 100% Hemp Jacket


Men Jacket

100% Woven Hemp

Our super 100% Hemp jacket, with innovative details: magnetised pockets, elastic shoulder, Moon Buttons


Men Pant

100% Woven Hemp

The Pant made of 100% Hemp, with sartorial details and our exclusive Moon Button



100% Woven Hemp

Robust 100% Hemp shirt of the finest quality


Ladies Pant

100% Woven Hemp

The high waist loose fit pant, 100% Hemp for ladies


Lanapa Sweater

100% Lanapa (Hemp & Wool)

The most elegant turtleneck made of the most sustainable winter fabric: our Lanapa, wool and Hemp.


Maglione a Coste Dolcevita

100% Lanapa (Hemp & Wool)

Our warmest product. High comfortable neck. 100% Lanapa: premium Hemp and warm Merino Wool


Berretto Lanapa

100% Lanapa (Hemp & Wool)

The most sustainable and technological Beanie: wool and Hemp light knit to keep your head and ears warm.

Prezzo di listino €79.00

Maglione a Coste

100% Lanapa (Hemp & Wool)

The elegant Winter jumper: made of Lanapa, our exclusive blend of Hemp and Merino Wool


Maglioncino Lanapa

100% Lanapa (Hemp & Wool)

A light but warm sweater made of our exclusive combination of Finest Hemp and Soft Australian Merino Wool


Sciarpa Lanapa

100% Lanapa (Hemp & Wool)

The warmest sustainable Scarf made of the Futuristic "Lanapa", our special blend of Merino Wool and Hemp.



100% Butter Hemp

The finest t-shirt made of our "Butter Hemp": the softest and lightest Hemp. It is elegant and precious, with advanced thermo-regulating properties that make it even a natural thermal layer.



100% Knitted Hemp

Lightest Hemp sweater with fine yarns. Even great for urban, elegant days.


Sciarpa Spessa

100% Knitted Hemp

100% Hemp chunky scarf. A rustic texture and an unexpected warmth.



100% Knitted Hemp

Finest and lightest 100% Hemp Scarf, keeping you warm when you need it most



100% Woven Hemp

The latest product made of European Hemp. It was once the best selling product.

Prezzo di listino €748.00

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