100% Hemp, for the little ones

a world's premiere

our technology, for kids

We thought again our best products for the smallest sizes. The result is a fine and rustic kids collection.

We called it Nativa because it represents to us the origin of everything: the birth, our history, our traditions.

let your kid have fun

It's unbelievable nobody thought it before: Hemp is ideal for kids freedom of movement. It's highest grade of breathability just keeps the kid fine, without sweating or getting a cold.

always comfy

Hemp is a natural fibre, and it's not elastic, for this reason we adapted our product to look and feel just comfy. Apart more looking better, the kid will appreciate.

happy parents

Hemp is fresh, anti-odor, easily machine-washable. Our Hemp knitwear doesn't require ironing. It evens magically soften overtime. This traduces in washing versatility and product durability.

Intelligent ordering

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