Responsible production and sustainability by science

an opera campi concept

"sustainable by science"

When it comes to sustainability, we have to put marketing aside and demonstrate evidence with scientific proof.

We demonstrate sustainability

We don't need certifications to demonstrate we put all our efforts to reduce carbon emissions and to propose different ideas in term of sustainable production.

We expose our carbon emissions in each product, and we explain our processes in a detailed manner, through videos and pictures that clearly demonstrates how we don't have nothing to hide.

By wearing Hemp, we can really have an impact on the planet


One hectare of hemp can absorb 22 tonnes of CO2 per hectare, more than any forest or commercial crop and is therefore the ideal carbon sink.

A common cotton t-shirt emits 6kg of CO2 on average.

Our Hemp t-shirt emissions are less than 3kg of CO2.

Sources: Kailei Tang, James Vosper, Australian Parliament

less water

When you hear about water consumption in fabric productions you can easily be impressed.

For example, the cultivation of cotton for a t-shirt requires at least 2700 liters of water on average (National Geographic).

Our Hemp t-shirt consumes not more than 600 liters of water, because Hemp usually don't require more water than common humidity and precipitations.

the opera campi method

on demand production

The only stock is the material. The rest of process starts only when the customer orders the product.

Opera Campi has a geographical advantage: we built our manufacture supply not more than 30km from our headquarter. Any single product is done on demand and very quickly in less than 7 days on average.

Lots of advantages: zero inventory leftover costs, less waste, latest version of the product for the customer and availability of any size.

packaging is not important

Absence of good packaging doesn't mean absence of value.

Our packaging is meant only to protect the product. All our packages are recyclable or compostable. They simple, and very cheap.

Elaborated packaging has a sensible impact and increase the price of the product, so why should we take care of it?

durability over sustainability

If a process pollutes, it should be in favor of a higher durability of the product. If the product lasts more, people won't replace it with another product.

This coherent approach can be explained with an example: when we dye our products, we don't always choose the most natural dyeing process. Sometimes natural processes lead to unstable and fading colors: the reason why many people consider a product obsolete and they throw it away.

in case of doubt, we plant trees

Trust us, it's impossible for any brand to measure in a scientific continuous manner its impact on the planet.

While we are sure Hemp cultivation can heavily compensate most of the CO2 released in the manufacturing process, we are not sure it can always compensate it for any customer, including shipping emissions.

So, in case of doubt, we plant a record number of trees. Many sustainable brands plant 1 tree per order. We plant 2 trees per product ordered. It means if you order 3 t-shirts, we plant 6 trees!

fabrizio explains

Fabrizio, our mentor, explains in a short video the Opera Campi method.

Sorry, he only talks Italian, so we put English subtitles!

English Italiano

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