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The elegant transition into autumn, 100% Hemp, made in Italy.

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barn, the hemp hoodie

Our knitwear laboratory just made a new Opera. Barn, the 100% Hemp Hoodie.

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The "Maglioncino"

Simplicity doesn't mean easy. Knitting a 100% Hemp sweater is a difficult art we have learnt in years.

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feather light hemp

Delicate Hemp clothes. Fine nature for the summer.

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it's just a tee.

But it's made of our improved "Butter Hemp®": the lightest high-percentage Hemp fabric.

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what is opera campi?

We reinvent nature. We create our own yarns, fabrics and garments based on Hemp fibres and innovative technology. We minimize waste by producing made to order. Everything is made in Northern Italy.

our materials

Opera Campi is a fabric-centred brand. Our fabrics are based on Hemp and they all respect our keys: sustainable, beautiful, made in Italy, innovative. Discover them in detail.

100% hemp

We craft the world's softest and finest 100% Hemp clothing.


The sustainable material to keep you warm in winter. Hemp and Wool patented blend. Learn more >

butter hemp®

The lightest Hemp ever made, good for the summer but even as thermal layer in winter. Learn More >

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