Our story begins after the second world war. In 60 years the demand of any kind of products grew vertiginously. There has been an induction to produce for the masses that brought to quality compromises. 

The long run to capitalism brought a new necessity today: making things different, more sustainable and ethic. However, this isn't enough. There's  need to invent new innovations, and to recover the old traditions and craftmanship which many countries, most of all Italy, have lost.


Only fresh products made by the best laboratories of italian craftmanship. No shops and useless intermediaries. Pure luxury at your door.


We are researchers of innovation. We don't make anything common. Any product is made with our own yarns and our own fabrics you cannot find elsewhere.


We care about doing things in an intelligent way. Balanced Sustainability means to make not always the most natural choice, but the most durable one. We also give 4% back to good causes.


La Canapa is the name of our most traditional invention. Studied from ancient hemp sheets, we reproduced the effect of time and made history a current reality. 

the future

The revolutionary HEROTEX is something disruptive. The world's first stretchy Hemp that solves any problem, with the highest natural percentage of Hemp: 92%. Patented and ready for futuristic garments.


"La Cornigliese" is our autochthonous wool, spinned and yarn-dyed by us with the highest standards. It's probably our purest and most local mission.

italian manufacture

There are hundreds of italian laboratories that experienced difficulties due to the mass-market and low cost products produced abroad.

We are giving the work back to these laboratories. Any Opera Campi piece is carefully made by one of our artisans.


We were born in 2017. Many things changed because of our experimental nature and extremely innovating brand. 


In 2019 Alberto Ziveri bought the brand Opera Campi from the other partners and he's now starting a long-term project to make Opera Campi the most "balanced sustainable" and innovating brand.


Operations, and Opera Campi loyal contributor. He is taking care of anything about details and production of our products.


Our historical modellist and maker of our fits and styles.

Guards of the past

This is our founding team that started the hardest of the missions. We were all born in Parma, that's from our origins that we discovered the distinction between what must be kept and what must be innovated.

We travel, then we get sensitized about good causes. Opera Campi is world's first brand to donate a fixed 4% to a good cause.


Our South American trip made us conscious of the delicate ecosystem of South America and the importance of its forests for the entire planet. The Rainforest Alliance uses a comprehensive range of strategies to conserve forests around the world and protect them from fires and deforestation.

The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization, developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. After our trip to Bali, where plastic trashes are deposited everywhere, we have been highly sensitized to the urgency of cleaning our planet from plastic.

Our recent Tanzanian trip made us speechless when we discovered only 13 black rhinos were left in an area of 30.000 square kilometers, where there were thousands of them only few years ago. Grumeti Fund works to protect the natural African habitat and ecosystem.

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