Hemp clothing based on proprietary materials and scientific approach

Our sustanability is based on scientific researches, not marketing.

We make our own fabrics, based on Hemp: the most sustainable material.

We produce everything in Italy.

from 1700 to today

Alberto Ziveri and his team founded Opera Campi in Italy in 2017. The creation stemmed from a curious story around the discovery of a pond used in the production of hemp over 100 years ago. Since our founding, we have introduced unprecedented Hemp fabric innovations every year.

fabric first

Most fashion brands simply buy fabrics and then transform them into finished clothes. We engineer and design our own fabric and then produce our own garments in northern Italy. All our fabric is based on the world’s most sustainable and versatile fibre: Hemp.

We introduced radical innovations as Butter Hemp, Lanapa, Herotex, and the classic super soft Hemp.

With our work, we also support the fragile italian craftsmanship and textile system, that desperately needs fresh ideas.

made in parma

Making high quality Hemp is expensive and complex, however it represents the most sustainable solution.

We have created our own district in Parma, Italy, where selected artisans produce our garments, mastering unique skills.


On demand production, sustainable proprietary materials and Italian manufacture drive us to a precise strategy. While other brands spend on packaging, distribution and inventory, we completely removed those costs in order to maximize innovation and sustainability.

our little secrets

Despite we're still an ant in a market of lions, our radical innovations are the key to revolutionise an entire sector.

On demand production, Cynical Sustainability, E-commerce, details: we're developing a futuristic approach to fashion.


Our minimal design is enriched of custom made details. Like Moon Button, world's first buried fashion accessory.

our team

Turning dreams to piece of fabrics.


Operations collaborator, Marketing specialist and supplier scout.


The person who made Opera Campi possible. She is our pattern-maker.


Fabrizio is our all-rounder man. From studying new details in our products to simply organising the production.

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