Nature is the starting point.

Morphed by our technology.

We craft beautiful advanced natural garments.


After the second world war, the demand of any kind of products has begun to grow vertiginously. Industries had no time to study the best materials to use, so they started to choose the ones that could produce more easily. This choice often induced to quality compromises. With the beginning of the new millennium, the demand has slowed down in the main developed countries, we are now invaded by technologies and innovations, from synthetic materials to an infinite number of connected devices.

Everything is produced for the masses. Everything perfectly matches with the stressfull life of busy and bigger metropolis. Everything is useful, but it’s becoming too invasive for us.

We found ansia, and we lost the human rhythm.


Only fresh products made by the best laboratories of italian craftmanship. No shops and useless intermediaries. Pure luxury at your door.


We are researchers of innovation. We don't make anything common. Any product is made with our own yarns and our own fabrics you cannot find elsewhere.


We care about doing things in an intelligent way. We avoid consumerism and we give back for good causes.

Freedom to be connected wherever we go also means we are constantly interrupted and often robbed of feeling a human moment.

Guards of the past

We all live in Parma, considered one of the most liveable cities in Italy. We are a team of 5 guys, very lucky to be born in an enterprising environment which combines tradition and innovation. It's from our origins that we discovered the distinction between what must be kept and what should be introduced.

Hemp and Cornigliese Sheep

There are so many forgotten varieties of plants and animals that can be recovered. We started with hemp and wool: by studying the old Italian clothes and working with master suppliers, we made "La Canapa" and we spinned the Cornigliese Sheep, an autochthonous breed from our lands.

We travel, then we get sensitized about good causes.

Opera Campi is world's first brand to donate a fixed 4% to a good cause. You can choose among several every time you add a product to the cart. Every good cause has been verified and proved it's doing good, by the Opera Campi team.


Our South American trip made us conscious of the delicate ecosystem of South America and the importance of its forests for the entire planet. The Rainforest Alliance uses a comprehensive range of strategies to conserve forests around the world and protect them from fires and deforestation.

The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization, developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. After our trip to Bali, where plastic trashes are deposited everywhere, we have been highly sensitized to the urgency of cleaning our planet from plastic.

Our recent Tanzanian trip made us speechless when we discovered only 13 black rhinos were left in an area of 30.000 square kilometers, where there were thousands of them only few years ago. Grumeti Fund works to protect the natural African habitat and ecosystem.

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