Opera Campi is specialized in making only hemp-based garments and fabrics. Why?

why hemp?

There are precise reasons why we consider Hemp the most sustainable and versatile fibre.

thermo regulation

You can comfortably(and lovingly!) wear Hemp for all four seasons. Hemp clothing is both an excellent insulator and breathes remarkably well too. It absorbs moisture, and keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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planet lungs

Hemp is the fibre with the highest CO2 absorption rate. Imagine how much impact there would be if huge cotton plantations would be replaced by fields of Hemp. We would have powerful planet lungs.

water and pesticides saving

Hemp requires 80% less water than cotton during its cultivation. Because Hemp requires less water, usually no extra irrigation is required.

Hemp usually requires no pesticides, whereas cotton is one of the planet’s most pesticide-intensive crops.


Being anti-fungal and anti-microbial, Hemp is naturally resistant to odors. It's truly magical how it can often stay completely odor-neutral after several days of wearing.


While cotton degrades over time, hemp threads turn softer. Washes will make them increasingly soft, because they round the right angle yarns, without breaking them.


According to scientific studies, hemp is the most durable natural textile, namely it withstands more washes than linen and cotton. Its durability is proven by so many century-old fabrics we have found, dating back to 1700.

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