Scarves & Beanies

It seems Hemp was born to become a scarf ! Its thermoregulation will surprise you in keeping your neck warm and protected from the wind, only when needed. From winter to spring, we have the most versatile scarves ever made.

Berretto Lanapa

100% Lanapa

The most sustainable and technological Beanie: wool and Hemp light knit to keep your head and ears warm.

Regular price €60.00

Sciarpa Lanapa

100% Lanapa

The warmest sustainable Scarf made of the Futuristic "Lanapa", our special blend of Merino Wool and Hemp.



100% La Canapa

Finest and light 100% Hemp Scarf, it keeps you warm when you need it


Sciarpa Spessa

100% La Canapa

100% Hemp chunky scarf, a rustic texture and unexpected warmth


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