warm and sustainable

this is lanapa®

Our patented Wool and Hemp fabric.

Our rational and sustainable winter fabric.

a patented meeting

Lanapa® is obtained using a patented twisting technology that merge the finest merino wool to our premium Hemp yarn.

The result is a yarn with natural elasticity and superior thermo-regulation.

Something definetly more innovative and sustainble than cashmere or wool sweaters you can find everywhere.

the intelligent material

Merino Wool is known for its warmth and performance. Hemp is known for being the best thermal regulating and sustainable fibre.

Lanapa is so the "intelligent yarn".

we explains

Listen how we explain you the advantages of Lanapa.


The Lanapa can be woven to create an elegant, warm, and highly thermoregulating fabric. With this, we have made the special Lanapa jackets and pants.


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