a new invention

this is lanapa

66% Australian Extra Fine Merino Wool and 34% Premium Hemp by Opera Campi.


100% Extra Fine Merino Wool, known for its softness and warmth. We hand-pick the quality of our wool from renowned spinners located in Biella.

It's sourced from the wild Australian farms, it's spun in Europe and it's mulesing free.

Never feel cold or warm, just feel fine.


Lanapa is innovative despite being 100% Natural. We call this philosophy "Natural Futurism", when nature meets technology.

Merino Wool and Hemp are among the most insulating natural fibres. Their combination provides and unparalleled natural wellness in any temperature.

the finest hemp

While we sourced Wool from the suppliers we trust, the Hemp component of "Lanapa" is obviously the material you have always worn: the "Canapa" by Opera Campi, the finest and softest Hemp ever spinned.

warm and soft

Winter was the only season we couldn't cover with our previous fabric.

Lanapa is our solution combines the warmth of wool with natural Hemp thermo-regulation.

The result is a versatile fabric for the Winter season.

a brilliant result

Hemp and Wool are merged in one unique yarn through an innovative technology. A twisting technique introduced by our artisans that makes the yarns almost inseparable. We called it "Flex Yarn".

about animal fabrics

Animal-sourced fabrics should not be demonized if they create jobs, animals are not mistreated and it even save the endangered species.


A serious issue we had with this fabric was dyeing. Traditional dyeing techniques were not solid enough and the final color looked "faded".

Our dyeing experts overturned years of knowledge to create a new technique to dye, in one single yarn, both Hemp and Merino Wool. Through a new process, we obtained a cheaper but better dyeing.

our magical warm lanapa products

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