butter hemp®

One mission: to become the lightest and softest Hemp fabric.

the impossible fabric

Butter Hemp is the lightest Hemp fabric in the world, with the highest Hemp percentage (96%).

We achieved this record thanks to a breakthrough technology that makes the thinnest Hemp yarn compatible with modern weaving machines.

unparalleled breathability

Butter Hemp is the lightest Hemp ever made. It means you will experience the most breathable, natural fabric ever woven.

good for the winter as well

Butter Hemp is the perfect fabric for summer. But is sensational for winter as well, as your favourite hypoanallergenic base layer under the jumper.

wash infinitely

Butter Hemp is ready for your domestic washes. It's thought to be a fabric that can last forever.

so beautiful it seems like a lie

The image is a microscopic enlargement of the hemp fiber used in Butter Hemp®. We have had it analyzed several times by an independent laboratory because more than once, enthusiasts or competitors suspected it was not hemp. Indeed, it is such a light and soft fabric that experts do not understand how we managed it.


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