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january 2017

the Opera Campi Tale begins...

In the hills around Parma, Italy, Alberto Ziveri and his friends found remnants of century-old ponds where Hemp was macerated hundreds of years ago.

They begun to study the history of Hemp, its unique properties and unparalleled sustainability. It was the most popular fibre until the 20s, when it became a natural competitor of petroleum-based ones. So the humble Hemp was banned by the anti-cannabis propaganda.

may 2017

learning from our grandma

Our grandmothers taught us the history behind the Italian Hemp, showing us real Hemp sheets preserved from three centuries ago, spinned and woven in the Parma countryside.

These sheets were softer than any other modern Hemp fabric we could find. We were impressed...

september 2017

aiming for the best hemp

We started developing superior natural garments and fabrics.

Inspired by our tradition and spurred by an innovative mentality, we worked with the most experienced Italian suppliers to weave the softest Hemp ever. Our research effort led us to "La Canapa", our first invention, 100% French Hemp woven in Italy, treated to imitate the century-old softest clothes.

april 2018

the good name: "opera campi"

We took 6 months to agree upon a name for our project, eventually settling on "Opera dei Campi". That was inspired by a walk through the beauty of our Alps in the Aosta Valley, in front of the gorgeous Gran Paradiso. Alberto's uncle suggested to remove the preposition "dei". Opera Campi was born.

"Opera" means "work, piece of art, masterpiece" but also the "lyric opera", a form of theatre, very popular in our hometown, Parma. "Campi" means fields and lands, the source of any natural fibre. That's where Hemp originates, and that's what Opera Campi means: an amazing piece of art crafted in Parma and made of superior natural fabrics.



French farmers stopped cultivating our favourite French Hemp because of competition from Chinese Hemp. We reached a turning point.

After 9 months of deep research, we succeded in sourcing another amazing Hemp cultivar, coming from the "Black Lands" of China.

Thanks to Giovanni, our partner in innovation, we patented something extraordinary, the world's first stretchy Hemp: Herotex. It's the most futuristic Hemp ever made, with record-breaking performance.


The year of innovations

Alberto persisted with the project. Going back to the roots, we introduced our Zero Sweater, the first 100% undyed Hemp knitwear, which is "carbon negative" through its production lifecycle.

He didn't stop there and went on to invent Burro Canapa, the lightest Hemp fabric, and Lanapa, the warmest Hemp fabric, using an innovative yarn-twisting technology that combines Wool and Hemp: a perfect match.


it becomes serious

Four years after its launch, the OPERA CAMPI experiment becomes more serious with a new company. Alberto is aided by his wife Beatrice in making Opera Campi a financially profitable brand in order to better showcase the innovations accumulated in previous years. The products are improved, the economic results make the project more sustainable, and the innovation continues with the introduction of the Moon Button, the Burro Canapa Active and more. The brand and its fabrics also attract the interest of Loro Piana, Gucci, and Salewa.

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