World's first stretchy Hemp

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Any product made with Herotex is currently sold out. Herotex is a tremendous innovation, but is also an expensive fabric with a patented process. We have plans to re-introduce Herotex in 2023. In the meantime, you can support our development by buying garments made of our other fabulous materials.

It’s sustainable, stretchy, comfy,

with record-breaking properties.

It's Futuristic.

It's our new fabric, Patented and Exclusive.

record breathability

You will never feel sweaty. Thanks to a record 2165 g / (m2 x 24 hours) it's the world's most breathable and moisture-wicking natural fabric.

supreme elasticity

It's the world's first stretchy hemp. Obtained from a patented special yarn composed of 92% Hemp, 4% Lycra and 4% Polyester T400. It also possesses amazing tensile strength and durability.


Its 92% record hemp composition (for a stretchy fabric) keeps the garments odour and bacteria-free, so they don't need frequent washes.

herotex 2

On 21st March 2021 we introduced the next evolution of Herotex to make it even more perfect.


You can wear it and wash it hundreds of times. Herotex 2 color is more dense, more vibrant.


A simple structure of the fabric makes it lighter to wear, while keeping thermo-regulating properties all year round.


Finding the good balance between costs and elasticity is technically the most difficult aspect of our research. 10% more elastic means more comfort while keeping a clean, formal look.


When you touch hemp for the first time it may feel cold. It's the proof of its thermo-regulating and insulating properties, certified by the LART laboratory in Carpi, Italy.

HEROTEX absorbs body heat and reinforces the body's natural ability to auto-regulate temperature.

you just feel fine

Thermo-regulation and moisture-wicking means to feel fine in a large range of temperatures.

Herotex is the sustainable all year round fabric the world needed.

Ice treatment

HEROTEX has undergone a brand new hyper-cold manufacturing process at -37°C (98° F). This treatment makes the fabric unalterable, brightens the color, prevents the formation of creases and makes it softer.

no worries

When developing the fabric, we did not compromise on its ability to withstand domestic washes. It can be easily washed at 30° C in your home washing machine!

The good compromise

We needed a new solution: Herotex represents the union between Technology and Nature, our most innovative creation. To keep the balance between our main priorities, sustainability and comfort, Herotex is proactive against global warming thanks to its 92% Hemp, but its 8% of polyester helps to make the fabric more durable, performing and comfier than ever before.

a video of our kickstarter campaign

HEROTEX is a strong innovation that needed a Kickstarter campaign in order to be financed.

Take a look at our gorgeous presentation.

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