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We design and develop innovative Hemp-based fabrics, following a coherent sustainable approach and with the highest percentage of Finest Hemp.

Our fabrics are the result of over 10 years experience, secret recipes, unique ideas and a geographical district that makes any of our fabric special and unparalled.

enquiry for your fabric

Opera Campi develops the finest and most advanced Hemp fabrics, satisfying any customer need.

Email us at for any fabric enquiry.

the process

the finest plants

We select the best natural sources and yarns, from all over the world. 

A good Hemp fabric comes from singular factors that must be evaluated such as Humidity, plant variety, maceration.

italian weaving

When it comes to weaving, Hemp requires unique experience.

Since we started, we never changed our technicians of Varese (Northern Italy). Because together we acquired skills and secrets to master Hemp weaving in a better way than others.

technology and finishing

Another important part of our process is the yarn technology, and the final finishing.

Both located in Prato, they includes our secret recipes to make the fabric soften and more comfy than any other fabric on the market.

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