Italian Hemp meets fine Cashmere.

the finest cashmere

50% of our Cashemp is sourced from the most premium white for white 36mm Cashmere from Chinese inlands.

italian hemp

The Cashemp is the first fabric made of our dearest plant: the Ancient Italian Carmagnola Hemp. 50% of the fabric is composed by our newest cold-processed Italian Hemp.

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hemp and cashmere yarn

Cashemp is a simple, intelligent idea: wrapping thin Italian Hemp filaments around a warm cashmere yarn.

The result is a yarn which is strong as Hemp, warm as Cashmere. At first touch you might find it cold: it's the confirmation of the supreme thermal property.

Cashmere is known for its extreme warmth. Hemp is known for being the best thermal regulating and sustainable fibre.

natural dyeing

Our Italian Hemp is dyed using a revolutionary technology following the pillars of circularity. Any color is dyed with natural pigments that doesn't fade away.

guado color

The yellow flower of the Guado plant, once oxygenated, produces a powerful natural blue dye. It was used even before indigo and today represents a beautiful and forgotten color.

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