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the italian hemp

Extra fine Italian Hemp spun from ancient Carmagnola plants in Northern Italy.

history is back

Italy was the major Hemp producer before the first world war. In few decades we abandoned any production and skill: it was a terrible mistake.

After working with talented new friends, we are reintroducing the most supreme quality of Hemp: the Italian one.

the process

the seeds

Everything starts from Ancient Italian Carmagnola seeds, cultivated in Northern Italy. They are the same used centuries ago in Italy.

The sticks

Once grown, Italian Hemp is cut manually into one meter long sticks. It's sheaf harvested, then put in maceration in large tubs of water.

scutched fibre

The sticks are scutched to extract the fibre. In order to refine the quality, a mininum of Irish and Chinese fibres are added.

combed fibre

The fibre is combed, then spinned into the final yarn. To succeed, an excellent fibre quality requires lots of steps: good seeds, a perfect season, a precise maceration, and a long staple spinning.

preserving the lumens

The small holes inside the hemp fiber are called "lumens" and are responsible for the excellent thermoregulation of the hemp, which is warm in winter and cool in summer.

These lumens risk to close, if subjected to heat processes such as dyeing. Our Italian Hemp follows only cold processes making it the only Hemp with the maximum thermal efficiency for your body.

italian hemp fabrics

Our Italian hemp is our best hemp quality ever made. For technical and cost reasons it is not yet possible to use it in every product. It still a challenge for Opera Campi to create increasingly local, accessible and high quality products.


As first experimental test, our Cashemp is the first fabric to be partly composed of Italian Hemp.

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