"La Canapa" is the premium Hemp made in Italy by expert spinners and weavers from Bergamo and Varese. It's made of the finest yarns sourced from the freshest Hemp fields. Dyed yarn by yarn for a vibrant color, it's treated to make it soft as much as cotton. "La Canapa" is soft, durable, ecologic, pure, beautiful and rare.

Since 1700

Our grandmothers preserved ancient hemp from three centuries ago. Hemp is eternal: it is proved by our ancestry through the unintentional experiment of time. This hemp skein, preserved since 1750, is property of Franca Rossi and it comes from Felino (Parma, Italy).

Futura 75

Similary to food products, even a fabric quality is determined from the quality of the raw material. Our hemp derives from only Italian and European Futura 75 plants, which is a special and modern variety of Hemp, THC-free and optimal for textile production. Today, European Hemp is almost impossible to find.

Why Hemp disappeared?

Before the second World War, Hemp was a very popular material. From paper, to cars (with Ford), to fabrics, Hemp was on the top of many industries, till it suddenly disappeared in the 30s due to increasing importance and competition of oil. "Synthetic" alternatives were found in paper, chemical and fuel industries. Some tycoons, like Mr. Du Pont in the plastic industry, and Mr. Hearst in the newspaper industry, have banded together, and with the help of the Government Official Harry Anslinger, they won a "war" lasted many years. Thanks to massive advertising campaigns, Hemp was successfully connected to drugs and charged with negative feelings. From the States to Europe, Hemp was banned, even in its non-psychoactive varieties.

the closest competitor of synthetic fabrics


Strong against time

According to the majority of studies, Hemp is the most durable natural material. It means that it resists to more washes than linen and cotton, it is eternal, and this is proved by so many textiles we bought dating back to 1800 and 1900.


Softer and softer

While cotton degrades over time, Hemp becomes softer and softer, without breaking. Washes will make hemp softer, because they bend the right angle yarns, without destroying them.


No Bacteria

Hemp is strong even against bacterias and textile fungus. That's the reason why it's often coltivated to clear the lands. This advantage is reflected on textiles, which are resistant to moths and common enemies of other textiles.


Planet Saver

Hemp requires less water and converts more carbon dioxide than any other plant used for textiles.



Hemp is often used as insulating material (even in houses!) because it holds the temperature more than any other natural fabric. It will freshen you when outside it's hot, and it will warm you when it's cold.


More and more

Hemp is easier to dye, easier to cultivate, it's more resistant to UV rays (so the color won't fade under the sun) and it even weakens the electromagnetic waves of your phone. So, in short, it  can protect you against harmful waves. 

"La Canapa" is the demonstration that Hemp is an excellent fabric, but only if it comes from good sources and it is worked with passion and skills.

Knitted "La Canapa"

All our knitted products are made of our premium "La Canapa", knitted by expert italian artisans. Knitting Hemp is a complicated process and requires longer time to avoid broken knots.

100% La Canapa
100% La Canapa
100% La Canapa
Sciarpa Spessa
100% La Canapa
100% La Canapa

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