Lanapa is our warmest invention. A special blend of the most premium Merino Wool with our Finest Hemp. Merged together through a revolutionary "flex" technique.


Our Warmest Invention. Made of a special blend of our Premium Hemp and Australian Merino Wool.


Sciarpa Lanapa

The warmest sustainable Scarf made of the Futuristic "Lanapa", our special blend of Merino Wool and Hemp.

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Never feel cold, never feel warm, just feel fine.

Lanapa is just a new step into what we call "Natural Futurism", where technology meets nature and improves our lives.

Merino Wool and Hemp are among the most insulating natural fibres. Their combination provides and unparalleled natural wellness in any temperature.

100% lanapa

Lanapa is our proprietary fabric. It's made 66% of Fine Merino Wool, spinned by Zegna Baruffa, an historical italian spinning company. While 34% is made of our premium Hemp.

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