The revolutionary warm Pant for the Winter season, it's 100% Lanapa®
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Time-limited sale for the world's first Wool and Hemp (Lanapa®) Pant.

Solo Lanapa is something never seen: warm, elegant and comfortable trouser, made of the sustainable and natural Lanapa® twill fabric.

  • Exclusive Moon Button: a naturally treated Zamak button with 3 days of burying, made by us. 
  • The sartorial waist lining, with rubber detail, prevents shirts and tees from sliding upwards when tucked in.
  • Super-sliding YKK zipper you won't find in any other pant.
  • The 50% Australian Merino Wool and 50% Fine Hemp gives the fabric a slight elasticity and high comfortability

The name "Solo" refers to the fact we think there's only one exceptional pair of pants made of Wool and Hemp.

1. rubber waist

A sartorial waist-tape guarantees stability and quality for these pants. This rubber detail gives the waist a touch of elasticity and helps shirts and tees not slip upwards when tucked in to the waist.

2. hemp lining

An essential detail is the 100% Hemp lining. Using a cotton lining would have caused sweating to occur. The Hemp lining is more expensive, but guarantees unparalleled thermal regulation.

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