The ultimate Hemp Shorts. Made in Italy with the last available European yarns of our precious European "La Canapa". Through its regular tailored fit, the pant looks elegant while can be used for any activity and in any season. These shorts are naturally thermo-regulating, durable, resistant, humidity-proof and become softer and softer over time. The iconic "curved" pockets give to this pant original details. 

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Verde Autunno
Oro Pallido
Terra Nera
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A magnificent fabric

Discover why

It's really something different

Natural performance, italian tailor-made, detail-maniac. Is there something more unique?


This product will come inside our premium envelope, made from premium stock italian fabrics discarded by luxury market. It can be elegantly reused for your shoes or any accessory you want to kindly protect.


The most traditional Hemp Fabric. Every month we choose the freshest and most premium hemp plants and make the best yarns and fabrics from them.


The quality of a good Hemp Fabric starts from the best seeds of Hemp.


A secret recipe by Opera Campi generates a soft, natural and thing yarn, ready to be dyed with our custom colors.


The final fabric is what we call "La Canapa" (=THE Hemp): extremely durable, antibacterial, thermo-regulating, earth saver (hemp doesn't require much water and no pesticides), it's humidity-proof, becomes buttery-soft over time.