We think our brand as a family. When you get an Opera Campi product, you also become part of our small and precious family. Each Ambassador is a person we estimated and which has worn Opera Campi products several times.


Wildness Ambassador, from Parma

Matteo represents to us the mature man, able to run an important business on its own in our town. Matteo founded "MT PERSONAL TRAINING", a revolutionary method to train athletes and people that had injuries.

filippo torelli


He started collaborating with us in 2020. He's from Parma and he contributed to the success of our Maglietta.


Global Ambassador, from Arezzo

Neuroscience student, he represents to us the globalization. Originary from Senegal, born in Tuscany, and studying in Netherlands, David is to us a model to follow.


Rareness ambassador, from Rome

Diletta is the unique beauty and her look inspires us a sense of freedom we love to reflect on our garments. Her mixed spanish, australian and italian origins confirm her rareness.


Architect Ambassador, from Rome

Valerio, from Rome, has been our first man "super-model", giving to the Opera Campi garments the sense of coolness it always missed.

Matteo gracis

Author, from Pieve di Cadore

Matteo Gracis is a Hemp Enthusiast, Author, Entrepreneur, Journalist. And, most of all, the first journalist who believed on our project with passion and genuineness.


Local Ambassador, from Parma

Our ambassador for the Cornigliese Wool Accessories. Her modern beauty and her origins from our same town (Parma) gave her the honor to be our first ambassador.

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