Introducing the AI Size Recommender for fashion e-commerce

Think about it, there are two things that limit any customer experience on clothing e-commerce:

  • touching the product, “feeling” it. This probably won’t never be replaced.
  • getting the right size. This will be even improved in the coming years.
Opera Campi is the brand that mixes tradition and technology in an harmonious and sustainable way. We decided to introduce an advanced tool to Opera Campi’s online market.

Guessing the right size for customers brings advantages to everyone:

the brand saves money in returning orders and stock sizes decisions

customers are persuaded by making new orders without worrying about the size

Introducing the AI Size Recommender

The AI Size Recommender has been developed by Opera Campi, with the collaboration of software house Studio Ziveri and AI Company Divisible Odd.

The AI Size Recommender is an intelligent system to calculate your best size depending on the fitting and measures you have available.

Fitting plays an important role for this system, the software doesn’t simply guess the size depending on the product and customer measures: it calculates the tolerance for each single measure, each single product and each single customer. The customer can guess the size through four different modes:

  • Slim: it suggest the minimum size the customer should get.
  • Regular: it suggests the size recommended by the brand
  • Oversize: it suggests a size for people that like to stay comfy
  • Automatic: it suggests the best size depending on the customer height/weight ratio and brand’s style. For example, regarding classic brands, automatic mode will suggest slimmer sizes to thin customers.


It saves your measures inside your browser so you won’t need to enter them every time.

It takes care of your fitting. Our products can be slim and oversize depending on the size you get. However, a suggested size will never be too tight.

🧠 The “Automatic” mode uses a pre-calculated Artificial Intelligence System to suggest you the best size depending on your weight and height ratio. It has already been tested, giving 100% good results.

🧼 Other Tabs tells you how the product will evolve and change, how to wash it, the precise sizing table and how to measure your body.

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