Fabulous South American places where the H-JACKET has been tested

Salar de Uyuni, wearing the H-JACKET

The last Opera Campi’s product is something many people defined “Futuristic”. There’s actually an ongoing Kickstarter campaign.

The H-JACKET shown in the pictures in this post is not definitive and has lots of differences with the final product shown in the Kickstarter campaign.

It might be interesting, however, where this futuristic jacket has been tested. I’ve...

The Record-Breaking Jacket and Pant

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We have made a huge step forward. Opera Campi was born in 2017 by presenting the softest and most luxurious Hemp (we called “La Canapa”), made in Italy from premium European Plants.

Today, in 2019, after 10 years of research, we are now introducing...

Here’s why you don’t know everything about Hemp (Series 2 / 3)

Hemp Field at first month in Bazzano, Italia

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In the last postwe talked about how plastic might not be abandoned in the next innovations in the clothing industry. We reached a statement: plastic won’t disappear, we still need plastic, but we have to...

Collection of flowers we have found in South America

Our recent trip to South America brought us many inspiration for this 2019 and our next dyeings.

As you know, all the dyeings of Opera Campi products are directly taken from color palettes of our pictures from our hometown, but even from our trips: South Africa and Bali the most recent ones.

Pictures were taken in Isla del Sol (Bolivia) and Atacama Desert (Chile).

Collection of flowers we have found...

Plastic might not be abandoned (Series 1 / 3)

“La Canapa” main Opera Campi, in the middle of its own field

How we will innovate the idea behind a garment.

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Opera Campi had the original mission to preserve the forgotten fabrics and traditions, by recovering them and making something innovative in...

Opera Campi studied by ESCP Paris Business School

Opera Campi innovation is someway “certified” by the universities are contacting us every month.

In January 2018 the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising asked us a swatch of our premium hemp.

In September 2018 the Rotterdam School of Management asked us details about our project

In April 2019 the ESCP Business School in Paris interviewed us for a research about sustainable brands.


OPERA REPORTAGE: South African Vibes

🇿🇦 OPERA REPORTAGE: South Africa

There is a country Opera Campi loves particularly and from which is always part of our dose of inspiration. This country is South Africa. We have been there three times and we can’t forget its unique wild contradictions and matte, faded colors of sunsets and lands.

Mentioned regularly by most travel magazines, South Africa is loved by travellers as it’s a very...


Bali’s bits of colors, places, inspirations

In September 2018 the Opera Campi Ambassadors have been in Bali: one of the most evident contrast between tradition, backwardness, modernity and mass tourism coming from all over the world: new rich Chinese, the elderly Japanese, and the hippie Europeans.

Best places in Bali

Amon all complex Bali typical foods, Nasi Goreng is the simplest and our most...

What is “Cornigliese Wool”?

The Cornigliese sheep is an ancient autochthonous breed from Corniglio, which is a small village in the Parma High Apennines, in Italy.

The history of this special sheep starts in the far 1700: this animal was obtained by the local sheep of the Borbone Family and the precious Spanish Merinos sheep, in order to get a better wool quality,...

Introducing the AI Size Recommender for fashion e-commerce

Think about it, there are two things that limit any customer experience on clothing e-commerce:

  • touching the product, “feeling” it. This probably won’t never be replaced.
  • getting the right size. This will be even improved in the coming years.
Opera Campiis the brand that mixes tradition and technology in an harmonious and sustainable way. We decided to introduce an advanced tool to Opera Campi’s...
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