The Record-Breaking Jacket and Pant

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We have made a huge step forward. Opera Campi was born in 2017 by presenting the softest and most luxurious Hemp (we called “La Canapa”), made in Italy from premium European Plants.

Today, in 2019, after 10 years of research, we are now introducing our next revolution, something more advanced and futuristic: H-EMP (High Advanced Hemp), the development of this fabric brought us to create two garments made of this revolutionary fabric: H-PANT, and H-JACKET. The products are available to buy in September through this Kickstarter campaign at launch prices.

Real life picture of H-JACKET and H-PANT look
Any property and advantage we mention has been proven in laboratory, despite many other brands and projects talk about features without proven scientific results.

H-EMP, together with H-JACKET and H-PANT, are the result of 10 years of research. The fabric is sourced from an expensive patented yarn that let us to make hemp elastic.

By making a stretchy hemp, we can solve many of hemp “issues”: mainly its wrinkles and the “stiff” style.

H-EMP is 92% made of Hemp, so you can take advantage of all implicit features of the natural and sustainable fiber, and 8% it’s composed by a secret blend of Lycra and T400 Polyester, which is ecomade so compostable.

In order to demonstrate the disruptiveness of this invention, we tested the fabric in laboratory. LART Laboratory, from Carpi, has seen and analysed thousands of different fabrics.

The laboratory was speechless in front of the results.

We wanted to prove that our fabric was revolutionary. The tests confirmed our expectations.

H-EMP has a “record” breathability, measured with “UNI 4818 Part 26" standard. It demonstrated the fabric feeling to make no sweat. Contemporarily the fabric demonstrated a supreme thermo-regulation property, keeping you fresh in summer and warm in winter. This means you can wear the products along very different seasons.

Many fashion fabrics are promoted as both stain, water resistant and breathable. These features are often opposed, you will never be able to obtain excellent breathability with stain and water resistant treatment.

H-EMP has the highest breathability!

Elasticity made H-EMP softer and more comfy than traditional Hemp, it also removes most of the wrinkles Hemp naturally makes. H-EMP demonstrated an amazing elasticity of 55% and an elastic recovery of 89% which is simply great. The feeling is great a well, extremely comfy and elastic.

Words can’t tell the magic of the grade of elasticity we could reach, this is the demonstration:

H-EMP showed an excellent grade of elasticity and a supreme grade of tensile strength, which makes it super-durable. Its composition is 90% natural which created an unparalleled balance between sustainability and durability.

Through this main advantages we were very determinated in creating such beautiful “everyday” clothes with a regular fit and tailored details.

We started working from models we prepared for 4 years, but we adapted them to the amazing elasticity of H-EMP.

This is the result.

H-JACKET and H-PANT are 100% made of H-EMP. Their incredible breathability makes them futuristic everyday clothes for a large range of seasons and temperatures.

The futuristic look and fabric is completed with more traditional custom-made brass details, like the premium soft YKK slider and the custom-shaped puller, or the Pant closure. Puller brand engraving is optional.

The design is extremely neat, with just the pockets you really need and intelligent S-Shaped Pant pockets.

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