nobody has ever thought about hemp as christmas present. this means it's a special thought.

Born out of necessity. The first natural neck warmer made with our special Butter Hemp®.

Discover the Vent neckwarmer >

Knitted hoodies are rare, even rarer if made of Lanapa®.

Discover the Barn Hoodie >

Lanapa® is the modern way to keep you warm. It's not wool, it's not Hemp. It's just the intelligent combination of them.

Discover the "Robusta" Scarf >

Discover the "Fieno" Jumper >

beanies have always been made of three materials. opera campi introduced the fourth.

Discover the Berretto >

The only T-shirt designed to be invisible. The hemp thermal layer to wear under the sweater.

Discover the "Salute" Tee >

being sustainable at work is, today, very difficult. until you have found steve, our formal winter sweater.

Discover the "Steve" sweater >

really, the warmest garment we've ever made.

Discover the "Fieno Alto" Jumper >

it seems a normal jumper.

Discover the "Fieno" Jumper >

a new way to preserve and present. inspired to a very old past.

Discover the "Cantina" food towel >

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