The natural Hemp cloth to preserve bread, cheese, potatoes, onions, fruit.
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Before World War I and the advent of modern refrigerators, hemp was used in cloths to best preserve food. This forgotten custom was replaced by plastic, which, however, is not antibacterial, cannot maintain unaltered odors, and is not breathable, in addition to the risk of depositing plastic particles on the food. The Hemp Towel can be a better solution

  • it's natural and undyed;
  • odorless: preserves the flavor of the food;
  • it's insulating due to hemp's ability to maintain the correct temperature of the food it comes into contact with;
  • it can be used directly to present food on the table because it's more elegant;
  • The special pockets allow for the food to be wrapped carefully;
  • We've called it 'Cantina' (Canteen) because for us it represents a portable cellar to preserve cheeses, bread, meat, onions, fruit, and potatoes etc.;
  • Should be kept in the refrigerator for preserving any food;
  • Machine washable after every use.

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The most elegant and authentic cloth, provided it is explained. That's why we treat it like any other garment: laid out in every detail, in italian and english.

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