It’s sustainable, stretchy, comfy,

with record-breaking properties.

It's Futuristic.

It's our new fabric, Patented and Exclusive.

record breathability

You will never feel sweaty. Thanks to a record 2165 g / (m2 x 24 hours) it's the world's most breathable and moisture-wicking natural fabric.

supreme elasticity

It's the world's first stretchy Hemp. Obtained from a patented special yarn composed 92% by Hemp, 4% Lycra and 4% Polyester T400. It also has amazing tensile strength, durability results.

no odors & bacterias

Its 92% record Hemp composition (for a stretchy fabric) keeps the garments anti-odour and anti-bacterial. You really don't need to do frequent washes.

maximum thermo-regulation

When you touch Hemp for the first time, it's normal it "feels" cold. It's the confirm of its thermo-regulation, insulating property, tested by "LART" laboratory from Carpi. 

H-EMP simply absorbs body temperature, so it reinforces body's natural ability to auto-regulate heat.

What happens when it's too hot? You sweat. But thanks to the moisture-wicking property H-EMP quickly releases humidity and sweat out of the fabric. That's why you feel just fine among a large range of temperatures.

a video of our kickstarter campaign

H-EMP is a strong innovation that needed a Kickstarter campaign in order to be financed. Take a watch at our gorgeous presentation.

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