Il Pantalone

Il Pantalone

The ultimate Hemp Pant. Made in Italy with the last available yarns of our precious "La Canapa". Through its regular tailored fit, the pant looks elegant while can be used for any activity and in any season. In fact, the magical properties of the fabric make this pant extremely thermo-regulating, durable, resistant, humidity-proof and become softer and softer over time. The iconic "curved" pockets give to this pant original details. The inner rubberised waist makes it great to fit well even with an underneath shirt.

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This product will come inside our premium envelope, made from premium stock italian fabrics discarded by luxury market. It can be elegantly reused for your shoes or any accessory you want to kindly protect.

A magnificent fabric

Discover why

This product is made of 100% La Canapa: the softest and unparalleled Hemp Fabric. It requested one year of research to be developed, its study started from hemp skeins found from our grandmothers and preserved for three centuries. Comparing to other hemp textiles, our La Canapa is softer, more beautiful, durable and spinned in Italy. Also, it's actually still made of the last European Hemp Plants, which, starting from June 2018, won't be cultivated anymore.

Hemp is an unbeatable natural fabric, with high-performance properties. It disappeared in the 1930s because it was hampering the progress of synthetic oil-based fabrics. Now we recovered it. Our best-in-class "La Canapa" hemp is extremely durable, antibacterial, thermo-regulating, it's earth saver (requests less water than other fibers and no pesticides), it's humidity-proof, becomes softer over time and easily holds any wash.